In this inspirational endnote speech Cristina Muntean, a native from Romania or, as she calls herself, a European citizen with a Romanian passport living in the Czech Republic will share with you her journey from a small village in Transylvania to Bucharest, Romania’s capital, to France and, for the last 15 years, to Prague. She will share with you the challenges of launching her own communications and people development business on a foreign market in the midst of the economic crisis and about the recipe that she found for surviving, thriving and bringing people together: openness, curiosity, mutual respect and healthy, mindful communications. Cristina’s personal mission is to contribute to building a world where it is safe to be, to love and to belong thanks to better, conscious communications. Find out how she approaches diversity and biases in business, why she decided to write her first book directly in Czech and why she believes that building solid bridges that bring us closer together starts with a key cornerstone: ourselves.

Listen to Cristina’s invitation to her speech: