Dana grew up in Communist Romania, where raising your hand in school to ask a question meant you were stupid, and any form of self-expression was discouraged. It took moving to the United States for the real Dana to come out and to start believing in herself. And if changing countries was not enough, after finishing school she went straight into a man’s world, as a young, foreign, girl, in the US, 20+ years ago… an interesting experience to say the least. Dana now lives in her 5th country and works in the 5th location of the American-owned company which employs her. Find out how she deals with different cultures and different languages, and how simple tasks like making a copy of the key to her flat by herself is a huge accomplishment (and a confidence booster) in a country with a language she does not speak. You would also be surprised what is considered perfectly normal in some countries, but is regarded as weird or even completely crazy in others. Dana loves answering questions, so be prepared for an interactive session!

Listen to Dana’s invitation to her speech: