Let’s respect each other as we should respect the land we live on. Let’s learn what it is about ourselves that often disconnects us from what we have in common compared to what we are different at. Actually, our differences are the best things we have to offer to each other around the world. Through this, we find we are not so far apart as people, cultures and kindred spirits.

I will speak about the Warrior we all have within us, however, we often hide it from ourselves and from others out of fear in front of other people by putting up a smokescreen of what we think we want people to hear and see. The only borders and boundaries we have in the world are the ones we often create in ourselves first. At the Better Self, Better World conference, all boundaries, and borders of thinking will be opened and crossed with a positive forward direction that we can all be proud of. I am going to help navigate everyone in Brno forward in a positive direction while reminding something positively special and yet unleashed that we all have inside in our past and our present to give to the world. Want to see how? Why? And what is truly possible? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Just an open mind, heart and soul to show up to in Kino Scala for the conference.

Listen to Frank’s invitation to his speech: