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Sídlo: Stavební 29/15, Trnitá, 602 00 Brno
Identifikační číslo: 058 06 984
DIČ: CZ05806984
Číslo bank. účtu: 2201168693/2010

Public relations, media
Production, organization





The event is co-organized with GrowJOB Institute.

The purpose of GrowJOB is to provide personal and corporate growth. Their procedures don’t emerge out of coincidence but are based on up to date scientific research. During the consultations, they break outdated paradigms and inspire their clients to bigger objectivity. They have educated both top-management and the public in the field of competitiveness.






The conference is supported by the Smart Network Business Club.

Smart Network Business Club provides networking and inspirational meetings for entrepreneurs. Since establishing back in 2013, they have managed to hold hundreds of business events across the Czech Republic. In these events, both the club members and guests meet new people, they learn something new, find new opportunities. It is a dynamic club with no stagnation in any aspect.

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